We recognise the importance of quality environmental management and have installed a sense of environmental responsibility across our team.

Our company has a recognised environmental quality policy audited to ISO14001. We are committed to pro-active working practises that minimise the impact on the environment of the contracts we undertake.

This commitment is integral to our programming and planning. We hold weekly management meetings in conjunction with our H & S meetings so all our employees and sub-contractor working on our sites have a clear understanding of their responsibilities:

  • Sediment and silt control – this is carried out prior to earthworks taking place in accordance with ARC TP90 methodologies. All storm water entry points protected with filter fabric and water diversion bunds. These measures are key to stopping silt runoff to the waterways.

  • Hazardous materials management – all fuel tanks are secured and locked and no fuel is carried in containers. Onsite refuelling is pumped from tanks to avoid spills associated with ‘tipping’ from containers. Spill kits are kept on site in the unlikely event of an emergency

  • Site generated waste management – all surplus materials and rubbish are disposed of at approved tip sites.

  • All trees and plants requiring protection are fenced off and further protection measures include ensuring excavations and vehicle access is outside drip lines. If any vegetation requires cutting, including roots, the work is carried out by a qualified arborist with whom we have a longstanding professional relationship 

  • Health and safety policies, training and procedures (including hazard identification, incident reporting, emergency procedures, health and safety check list etc) 

  • We understand the requirements for silt control and ensure all measures are maintained and checked on a daily basis.

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