We believe using high quality equipment is an important aspect to providing a high quality result.

Below is a list containing some of the equipment we have at Auckland Civil.

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Description Quantity Usage
ZX200 20T Excavator 1 Bulk excavation, Silt control, Clearing, Rock breaking
ZX120 12T Excavator 2 Bulk excavation, Silt Control Works
Cat312C 12T Excavator 1 Trimming, trenching, pole foundations
Komatsu PC78 8T Excavator 1 Trenching, Hole drilling, Swales
JCB80 8T Excavator 1 Trenching, Hole drilling, Swales
EX50 5T Excavator 2 Trenching Foundation works
JCB45 5T Excavator 1 Trenching Foundation works
ZX120 + ZX40 1 Drainage works
Laser assisted grader 1 Precision base and sportsfield preparation
Grader (Champion) 1 Base course and Preparation works
(various 7T, 10T, 12T, Articulated,
and Truck and Trailer units
owned by Auckland Civil Ltd)
Earthworks Cartage
LX30 and WA30 Loaders 3 Various moving of materials onsite
SW500 Rollers 3 Base course compaction, Clay Compaction
D21S Traxcavator 1 Various
DX45M Blade 2 Base course, Kerb Prep
Water Cart 2 Dust control, base course preparation
Various small Plant
(compactors, concrete saw,
augers, rock breaker,
concrete mixer)

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