Glenview School Playing Courts

Work Performed
The main challenge was construction of the vertically draining base. Our design has strength/durability and the required vertical drainage properties. Key to success was careful attention to the placement of material layers and compaction rates.

Auckland Civil co-ordinated all aspects of construction and subcontract activity to achieve a high quality result which more than satisfied client and architect.

Work Involved

  • Re-contouring to form a new artificial, vertically draining court
  • Stripping existing topsoil and carrying out cut-and-fill
  • Calculating and sourcing suitable fill to complete the earthworks.
  • Construction of a complex, under-field drainage system

Standards met
Strict horizontal tolerances met and vertically draining design.


Turf Used
Multi-use Satellite

Ancillary Works

  • A plastic covered wire mesh fence with powder-coated poles and top
  • A sports equipment store to accommodate equipment
  • A perimeter kerb and channels with landscaping and topsoil to finish.
  • Paving on one side of the court to allow access from the school and field.

Subcontractors involved

  • An Auckland Civil/TEAM Sports Surfaces project